Work with the Experts

Mile Auto Repair was started because we got fed up with the standard auto repair industry practices and inexperienced, falsified sales methods.  Our industry is filled with companies trying to get you in the door by offering a free or highly discounted service (normally an oil change), only for them to hand you a grocery list of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars of work that “needs” to be done “now” on your way out the door.    News Flash! This is how the majority of the industry is trained because they know you will most likely do at least one of those eight items they have just detailed for you.  Equally damaging is providing a lowball quote to get the vehicle in only to revamp the price afterwards when they “find” more problems wrong or they “misquoted” the parts.


The first question a potential customer asks is, “What is your labor rate?” and the second question usually is, “Can I have a quote on XYZ item?”  Those are both great questions when you’re buying a product that’s interchangeable between different companies, but when you’re buying a service with a long term relationship, you can’t always easily interchange the features and service provided.  When shopping for a service the question should become, “What’s your value?”  More often than not, customers will base their whole decision on the initial price quote which you can see from above, can be costly.


Mile Auto Repair employees have over 10 years of industry experience on average and over 40 years combined experience.  You should be confident that you are going to get honest and professional answers to your questions.  Not only will we give you our honest and professional opinions, we will also SHOW you exactly what’s wrong, how it may affect your safety and car down the road.  Without honest and professional advice, you’ll be surprised after every time you bring your car in for repairs.  You deserve reputable companies that are looking out for their customer’s best interests and ones that are ready to actively consult with you on the priorities of your vehicle and the best set of solutions.