Happy Customers make for Happy Businesses

Find out what your customers want and then give it to them.  Most times they will tell you exactly what they want, right?  Shouldn’t be too hard except when you’re dealing with a machine with over 3,000 moving parts.


We had a customer who asked us to do a pre-purchase vehicle inspection and upon a thorough inspection, we felt strongly that it would cause more harm to the pocket book than good.  They decided it was good enough for them because the dealer that it was coming from confirmed that everything was set and our analysis was incorrect…..yet again.  A short time later, they came back in for new tires and alignment.  We installed the same size tire that came off the car which was not the original size BUT in this case would not cause any problem.  There was nothing an alignment could do because there were front end issues which were pointed out already.  This is where it gets a little hectic but also a little fun because we happened to have another good customer with the same car and stock tire size still on!  We simply called them up and asked if we could change out the wheels to prove to the dealer that it was still going to pull to the right.  Unfortunately at this point, our customer who just bought a used car from a dealer is now in the cross fire and doesn’t know which party to believe.  It’s also hard to believe us when we’re getting bad mouthed every other minute and told that our techs don’t know what they’re talking about.


In FACT!  We knew so little of what we were talking about, we sent our customer back to the dealer so they could pay for his brand new tires and fix all the front end problems that we said he had.  We saved them over $1,000!  They were so wrong that the individual that “inspected” that vehicle and gave it a clean bill of health should be fired because of the liability and safety issues that it threatens the customer with.  Don’t ever confuse FACTS with OPINIONS.


If it’s your vehicle, your safety and/or your pocket book – you can rest assure that we have your best interests in mind.  We rather have you come back year after year and tell everyone else about us then steal $200 extra dollars from you and never see you again.