Tis’ The Season…NOT the Holidays though!

As I was day dreaming of something to write about, I realized I was sweating profusely and happened to check the temperature which was steady at 105 degrees.  I realized all too quickly what that means for not only my vehicle but yours as well.


Summer in the Phoenix Valley is fast approaching with these 90+ degree days and we all know that the added heat can cause many more problems for the vehicles we drive on a daily basis.  It can be even worse if your car over heats or breaks down on the highway in 110 degrees.  If you know of a minor problem that you haven’t wanted to get fixed lately, now is a GREAT time to get your vehicle to Mile Auto Repair.  Maybe you don’t know of any problems but we will definitely do a thorough inspection for you.   Sometimes we put those things off because it’s not a safety issue, we don’t feel like paying the money (especially with tax season) or that “noise” just hasn’t been annoying enough to warrant a stop but the costs can grow pretty quickly.

*I would like to include a small checklist for you to be aware of while going into the summer*

Coolant Flush: The coolant should be flushed once a year to prevent any build up and to prevent corrosion on the inside of your radiator and cooling system.  If this is done once a year, you will keep a lot more money in your pocket and keep your system blowing cool for miles to come. (IF your car overheats – pull over IMMEDIATELY!)


Brakes/Pads:  You might not be aware of how much you have left on your brake pads but simply getting those inspected will save you from having to get all new brakes.  If you hear your brakes squeaking, it might be too late unfortunately but you should still get in and get those replaced.  It’s a major safety issue as well and if you’re traveling with others or kids, you may want to pay extra attention.  (We don’t turn rotors at Mile Auto Repair just because it’s “cheaper” – it’s NOT as safe especially with this heat and it can cause them to warp much easier.)


Tires:  The summer heat is just as bad on the tires as it is on the brakes and has potential to cause a lot of damage if blown out at higher speeds.  Make sure you check your tire pressure and keep that regulated.  Check the depth of your tread to make sure there is ample wear left with no balding spots.


Battery:  Last but not least is your battery.  Make sure your terminals are tightened and free from corrosion.  Get your battery replaced if you haven’t done so in a long time.  Most people don’t realize they’re in need of a battery until their car won’t start on their way to an important meeting.  Be Proactive!

Happy Customers make for Happy Businesses

Find out what your customers want and then give it to them.  Most times they will tell you exactly what they want, right?  Shouldn’t be too hard except when you’re dealing with a machine with over 3,000 moving parts.


We had a customer who asked us to do a pre-purchase vehicle inspection and upon a thorough inspection, we felt strongly that it would cause more harm to the pocket book than good.  They decided it was good enough for them because the dealer that it was coming from confirmed that everything was set and our analysis was incorrect…..yet again.  A short time later, they came back in for new tires and alignment.  We installed the same size tire that came off the car which was not the original size BUT in this case would not cause any problem.  There was nothing an alignment could do because there were front end issues which were pointed out already.  This is where it gets a little hectic but also a little fun because we happened to have another good customer with the same car and stock tire size still on!  We simply called them up and asked if we could change out the wheels to prove to the dealer that it was still going to pull to the right.  Unfortunately at this point, our customer who just bought a used car from a dealer is now in the cross fire and doesn’t know which party to believe.  It’s also hard to believe us when we’re getting bad mouthed every other minute and told that our techs don’t know what they’re talking about.


In FACT!  We knew so little of what we were talking about, we sent our customer back to the dealer so they could pay for his brand new tires and fix all the front end problems that we said he had.  We saved them over $1,000!  They were so wrong that the individual that “inspected” that vehicle and gave it a clean bill of health should be fired because of the liability and safety issues that it threatens the customer with.  Don’t ever confuse FACTS with OPINIONS.


If it’s your vehicle, your safety and/or your pocket book – you can rest assure that we have your best interests in mind.  We rather have you come back year after year and tell everyone else about us then steal $200 extra dollars from you and never see you again.

It Has to Start Somewhere

I started out at a young age, working in a small auto repair shop in Wisconsin where I began to pick up knowledge of the business I was working for, our competitors at the time, and the industry as a whole.  The preconceived notions of customers that are still stuck in my head to this day are that auto repair shops were around for two reasons:

  1. To scam customers
  2. To make money

I would like to add that I was most likely under the legal working age when I started and my ability to grasp what either of those concepts meant were minimal….but none the less those two concepts stuck.  They stuck with me because the owner believed those concepts were running throughout the industry and preached against them both vocally and by his actions.  He always taught us to focus on the job customers needed completed, doing it right the first time and making sure they were satisfied when they left.


I did fib a little bit – the city of Middleton was small – the shop itself was a good size and we were thriving! I’m also proud to say the owner was my uncle.  Needless to say, as I matured in my position at Bennett’s Middleton, I began to see what a true auto repair shop was supposed to be like.  I learned a lot in my 10 years there (I grasped these concepts as I was now legal and brilliant!)


If we look at a car as an investment (if you even call it that), it will be one of the worst investments you every make!  It depreciates faster than you can spell the word and it will be worth less the minute you drive off the lot.  Consumers already have to pay for insurance and gas on their amazing “investment” and then when something happens, they need to get it fixed??  That’s Correct!  With that being said, I tried to find a way that would help ease the pain of my customers when getting their car repaired.  I started to take the complexities of the vehicle and broke them all down to their simplest form and explained the benefits of it being serviced/repaired and the costs if it wasn’t fixed.  Once the veil of secrecy was taken off and customers started to understand, they became more trusting of the business and I.  That was it – Transparency!  There is no need or benefit to be pushy and misleading when we can be honest and create a customer for life.