Functionality during Winter

I use the term Winter loosely because here in Arizona, we think of Winter slightly different than the rest of the nation.  However, even with the mild winters here, there are still some things that should be inspected on your vehicles to insure proper functionality.


If you’re like me and quickly get spoiled with the temperatures, then you better not overlook the operation of your heater, specifically, your heater core.  As the temperatures start to drop and 70 degrees in the morning feels like someone put you in an ice chest, then you’re going to want to ensure proper functionality before it really gets cold.


You say, Cooling System…?? In Winter?  We get so much use out of our vehicles cooling system during the summer that it would also be a good idea to have the system flushed and make sure it’s operational.  The cooling system should be flushed once a year to maintain proper pH balances and protection for the entire system, from the hoses down to the engine block.  Failure to do this may cause corrosion when you need it most and you will find yourself spending money on problems that could’ve been prevented.


Ideas for “Winterizing” your car or truck


  • Flush coolant system and make sure it’s fully operational.  Make sure you get the system tested.
  • Make sure the system is filled with the manufacturer’s recommended coolant.
  • Make sure your thermostat is operational and replace if needed.
  • Heater Hoses:  Shouldn’t be too firm, no signs of leaking, no cracks:  System should be pressure tested.
  • Air Filter: Inspect, clean or replace, if necessary.  Air quality (dust storms) in area have a big impact
  • Cabin Air Filter: Windows fogging up, not getting much air flow?  Replace cabin filter 12,000-15,000 miles but again, air quality will play a big role. (It’s not the best in Arizona)


Get Ready for Winter BEFORE it Gets Here;  Indirectly be Ready for Summer at the Same Time!