Get What You Pay For? – YOU Decide

Many automotive repair companies LOVE to offer deals such as “$99 brake job with lifetime guarantee” or “Brakes for as low as $79!”  And many people are so concerned with price that they completely overlook the possibility that they’re getting inferior products and going to be right back in there in a couple months to repair “new parts.”

With that being said, I wanted to share an interaction I had with one of our customers that was in recently.  She had some noise coming from her brakes and was getting pretty annoyed with it.  Her significant other who happens to be a dealer tech had said we left out a part of the brakes when we put them back together.  This does two things: 1.  We did the brake job 3 years ago so blame would be on us even though I wasn’t the owner at the time and didn’t have control over the quality of work performed.  2.  He is a dealer tech so his comments would carry some weight which makes us look incompetent.

I told her that we’d take a look and see if there were any problems with the brakes and give them any attention they may need.  After removing the wheels, the brakes still looked new all the way around so I proceeded to pull up the repair history….and therein lies the issue!  There was a recommendation to replace pads and rotors with new.  “Customer declined repair, request pads replaced only.”  I don’t blame this customer because many people do it based purely on the price and/or lack of product knowledge.  In this case, the customer decided to go with a substantially cheaper option than originally quoted.  The “missing part” we forgot to install was actually the anti-rattle plate that premium brake pads come with…unlike the cheap pads that were requested.

The truth of the matter is: when it comes to automotive parts you truly do get what you pay for!  Let’s get back to these incredible deals being offered by many companies.  They know full well that they will send you out the door with a laundry list of other parts that need to be replaced.  They also know that you won’t read the fine print that states the noise coming from your brakes that’s going to drive you nuts won’t be covered and if you would like that fixed, they will gladly charge you labor once more and double the price for premium pads.

As a current customer or potentially new customer – you will NOT find any of that going on in my business.  Our labor rate is very competitive and our parts may cost a little more than normal if you’re running around price checking BUT…..we do it for a reason!  You’re going to get quality parts from us that we stand behind not only for cost effectiveness but your safety as well.  We will tell you what and why the particular part is recommended and we’ll also give you a cheaper option with the consequences that may appear.  We’re truthful and transparent which allows you as the customer to make an informed decision – that is ultimately what it’s about.